Get Rid Of Flabby Arms In 2 Minutes

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Please watch and re-watch this video at least 2 times because I see countless numbers of people do this triceps or flabby arm exercise wrong in the gym. A lot of people who you see doing this will almost always not have their elbows at a 90 degree angle and/or they use other muscles to help them extend arms and/or they use weights that are just too darn heavy.

If you have a hard time getting down the basics of this exercise then its best you do overhead triceps extensions instead to get rid of flabby arms (

Keep your shoulder joint and wrist joint locked. The only joint that moves in regular extensions like this or in overhead extensions is you elbow joint. If you move anything else then that generally means you are using too much weight and you flabby arms or triceps will get less of a workout.

I recommend ding 8-to-20 rep sets (about 2-to-6 sets) of this anywhere from 1-to-3 days per week along with a diet ( and fat loss exercises ( to truly get rid of arm flab and all the other nasty flab on your body you do not want.

You do not need dumbbells to make this a good flabby arm exercise you can use a milk jug filled with stuff or any other household item as you don’t need a huge weight to get the flabby arm workout you need to see results but you will not actually see results or any results at all from this exercise until you lost enough fat.

I prefer the overhead triceps extensions to this one simply because in overhead triceps your shoulders are completely taken out of the exercise and you triceps are forced to do most of the work but any kind of extension ill work to firm up your triceps turning them into sexier arms but you will only see these sexier and more firmer arms if you lose enough flabby fat thru diet and exercise.

Also make sure that you of course have a chair or something to balance on so you can properly prop yourself up for better support to get the best arm workout you possibly can when doing triceps extensions like this.

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  3. ive been doing this workout prior to seeing this video but I always use a heavier weight with 6 to 8 reps my arms have been getting bigger but still sorta flabby should use lower weight with really high reps 

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  10. Thank you, I believe this works. I actually felt it working the first time I did it.

  11. This is my #1 fitness goal for this year. Gotta work these arms out, tired of my wardrobe being limited in the summer! #teamkandie  

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    Do you realize how amazing you are.. The people your helping and your NOT trying to make money off us.. . Your the ONLY fitness Guru that writes in such detail about every video…. U answer all the questions I am thinking…. Ok thank you. I work hard and don't have extra money for a trainer so your a blessing for people like me who are serious 

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    Another great video Adrian :)

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  17. This simple exercise is so great and it WORKS!!!!. You are a amazing!!!!.I would love you to put more simple exercises on your website for us type of people who need motivation  targeting all the body.Stomach, thighs and legs.

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