Liposonix – How Does it Work to Remove Fat?

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Liposonix machine

The Working principle
Liposonix adopts high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology that delivers focused ultrasound energy at the exact depth and causes destruction of fatĀ  cells to reduce localized fat deposits and body circumference. It is a non-invasive method for fat reduction and body contouring of abdomen, thighs and flanks, which offers patients a satisfactory experience with impressive, lasting effects. I have seen many good results and reviews from people who have undergone this non invasive fat removal treatment. Definitely worth a try if you’re afraid to do fat surgery under the knife.

HIFU pulsed ultrasound energy penetrates into subcutaneous fat layer at a precise depth (13mm or 8mm), high ultrasound energy targets only subcutaneous fat tissue and selectively destroys fat cells located under the surface skin layer while surrounding tissues as the epidermis, blood vessels and nerves are unharmed. Meanwhile metabolized content (triglycerides, fatty acids, cell debris) from the destroyed fat cells to be processed by the body’s natural physiological and metabolic pathways.


  • Safe and effective treatment
  • Destruction of fat cells selectively and immediately by the high-energy but low frequency;
  • HIFU energy penetrates deep into a focal volume at a controlled depth of 13mm and 8mm.
  • fat cell destruction, while the epidermis, blood vessels and nerves remain intact;
  • non-invasive and non-surgical, no downtime is required.

Powerful-water cooling system
Super cooling system ensures the machine can work continuously for a high energy production without a break, no more over the high temperature alarming.

Adjustable energy production; depending on the shape of the treatment area, select the appropriate treatment.

Intelligent Record Management
The handle has intelligent chip inside, it can record the used shot and the remains and operators can track usage record by investigation system, which provides a good reference for the stock in advance, without affecting processing requirements.

Another area of equivalent treatment mode.

Technical specifications

  1. Frequency: 4MHz;
  2. focal depths: 13mm, 8mm;
  3. Treatment Size: 48 * 48mm.
  4. net weight: 30kgs;
  5. adjustable Energy: 10J-90J.

There is reasonable scientific evidence that the treatment achieve what is promised in the ads. However, if you subsequently consume more energy than you burn, the fat will naturally sit down again – just not where it has been destroyed its fat cells. Man, however, has not examined whether the fat instead settle on the hips, thighs, between the internal organs or elsewhere. In that one can only guess.

We currently have a Singaporean visiting scholar at our research center. She has previously studied the effects of liposuction on the stomach. 36 women participated in her project where at random were divided into a training group and a control group.

result on thighs

result on thighs

Tummy Tuck helped that they all had reduced the amount of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen, but the group that is not trained, accumulated subsequent fat between the internal organs, while it was not the case for the group that trained.

I can with the available knowledge neither encourage nor discourage liposonix. It’s certainly a very good alternative for liposuction or tummy tuck. However, if you choose this treatment, it is important to combine the treatment with healthy lifestyle including plenty of exercise. When one is physically active, namely, reduces the fat between the internal organs.