Liposuction India Thigh Butt Reshaping Delhi.

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Liposuction Hips Thigh & Butt Reshaping in Delhi, India by Dr. Prabhash, M. Ch. (Plastic Surg. Mumb.).
Liposuction Thigh & ButtockTumescent infiltration followed by liposuction in segments. Tumescent liposuction makes Fat reduction procedure smooth, easy and bloodless. Maximal amount of fat reduction with no side effects. Max fat removed varies from case to case, we always stay in safest limit with minimum morbidity and fast recovery. SAL is safest method of liposuction with least chances of complication and allows skin stimulation for maximum contraction. So scar less fat removal with tight skin.
for tummy tuck or abdominoplasty :

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  1. Hello Doctor Prabhash …!!! You are doing a very nice job….!
    I too have excess fats upon my belly, back and thighs .
    My question is, around how much money would it all take for perform such surgery…..
    So that I can arrange and come upto you…..

  2. fat distribution & amount is variable in every case so no one can just say anything. you should consult liposuction surgeon of your preference and discuss all the aspects. in most cases liposuction of two areas,like abdomen & hips, butt & thigh etc. can be combined but only if total volume of fat removal is low. in high volume cases each area should be dealt individually at 6 to 12 weeks interval. in any case entire liposuction procedure and post operative period sud be safe and smooth. Thanks

  3. Dear Gaurav, you may go for Liposuction, small multiple stages, but i will advice you to consult some bariatric surgeon, weight as per your height is too much and it may be helpful to you. If not comfortable with that you may think of liposuction different areas one by one

  4. docter wat r d min-max charges for dis thigh procedure n wer in delhi ru located…

  5. Liposuction charges depend upon volume and work required at any particular area. you should consult through my mail on website cosmeticprabhash

  6. Hello Sir Prabhash! m 22 and i have a pear shaped body and i want to reduce some fat from my lower part of the body..but Sir, how much do you cost for the Liposuction??

  7. Deepansh Sharma

    hi sir i want to get my stomach fat removed i am 25 height 5.11 nd my weight is approx 100 kg….tell me something about liposuction 

  8. Cost of Liposuction in any area depends upon volume of fat there and work required. In your case it may include Thigh liposuction as well as butt liposuction. better you send query through my website, there you may attach your pictures too for assessment before liposuction. Thanks

  9. sir.. with all due respect sir i wanted to know about these surgery's. my height is around 5'10. age is 25 yrs and weight is 92kgs. sir i would like to remove some unwanted fats from my body through this. sir also i would like to know how much it'll charge me for this surgery. kindly reply me as soon as possible. thank you

  10. For stomach liposuction see . its difficult to reply here ,for sending your query click here – or send it to

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