My Tips on Getting Rid of Those Flabby Arms!

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12 comments on “My Tips on Getting Rid of Those Flabby Arms!

  1. Yes, do a video on ARMS.

  2. Please do share your triceps routine! That area isn't hardest and I've lost a lot of weight over the years & now I need to tone. Flabby skin everywhere!!!! Yuck! Thx for the info/tips keep up the great work! Btw new subbie here! :)

  3. I would like to see the routine. Thanks! And that is great progress!

  4. Thanks for the push to avoid surgery, information, and the motivation. How many times per week are you doing your arm routine? Do you switch it up? aka biceps one day triceps the next then both?

  5. Off topic , but you have a very pleasent voice!

  6. Thanks girl (:

  7. Raquel Contreras

    amazing results!!!

  8. Raquel Contreras

    amazing results!!!

  9. Great video gorgeous!

  10. Thanks for your tips:)) you are so pretty!!

  11. great video! thanks for the tips

  12. مي السيف

    Thanks ??

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